Encrypt Decrypt

This tool will encrypt or decrypt a file. You can then safely share, or store, a file. All you need to do is set a phrase which will encrypt the file in 256 bit encryption using the AEM algorithm. You'll need to remember that phrase to decrypt the file.

Built by @pmrourkie. You can find out more here.

Pick a file to encrypt

I'll generate an encrypted version for you, don't worry. Nothing will be uploaded to the server.


Pick a file to decrypt

You'll only be able to decrypt files that used this to encrypt it.


Enter a phrase

This will be used to encrypt the file. You'll need this phrase to decrypt it. If you want to share it with a friend, then you'll need to tell them the phrase too!


Enter the phrase

Enter the pass phrase that was used to encrypt this file. You won't be able to decrypt it without it.


Your file is ready!